Serving both Commercial & Civil Litigation in Sudbury

The commercial litigation team at Desmarais, Keenan LLP is highly experienced in all areas of advocacy serving clients in both commercial and civil litigation. Our Sudbury litigation lawyers focus on the needs and best interests of the client, striving to resolve disputes as successfully, economically and quickly as possible.

Scope of Services:

Debt Collection and Security Enforcement of Lenders and Creditors
Demarais, Keenan LLP works with a variety of clients, including financial institutions and other Northern Ontario businesses. We have developed considerable experience in timely, practical and cost-effective methods of debt collection and enforcement. We also handle cases involving creditors’ rights, debtor-creditor relations and insolvency.

Business Disputes
Business and commercial disputes may arise within a company as conflicts between partners or shareholders, in relationships such as those between creditors and debtors or landlords and tenants, and in dealings with regulatory authorities and other businesses. Our commercial litigation team will weigh the risks to your company’s assets and public reputation in recommending strategies to resolve business disputes.

Professional Liability
Professional liability cases may involve claims against professionals in a variety of fields such as medicine, dentistry, law, engineering and architecture. This is an evolving field as professionals are now governed by greater requirements and consequent risks of litigation. We are experienced in representing and protecting the rights of plaintiffs and defendants in such cases.

Real Estate Litigation
We handle real estate litigation involving disputes over the boundaries of a particular property, purchase agreements, financing or misrepresentation of the condition of a property. We strongly recommend that clients work with our real estate lawyers from the beginning of a purchase to avoid such disputes; if these disputes do arise, our litigation group will help you work toward a resolution.

Wrongful Dismissal
Your Desmarais, Keenan litigation team has helped employers and employees in dealing with cases of wrongful dismissal. We are acutely aware that such cases involve more than financial stakes but also the reputation of the employer or employee. Let us assess your wrongful dismissal case and formulate a strategy to protect you.

Litigation Members

  • J. Robert LeBlanc