Commercial & Residential Real Estate Lawyers in Sudbury

Desmarais, Keenan LLP is highly experienced in all areas of real estate law with a group of exceptional real estate lawyers handling both commercial and residential transactions. The firm in Sudbury also acts on a regular basis for financial institutions and farm credit institutions in financing and debt realization matters. The complexity of real estate law is why we never recommend trying to buy or sell property without a qualified legal counselor to assist you.
Areas of Law Covered by Our Real Estate Lawyers in Sudbury
Commercial and Residential Real Estate, including Farms and Cottages
Whether you’re planning to buy or sell property, commercial or residential, you want legal professionals who can help navigate the complexities of real estate law. Buying or selling a house is one of the biggest decisions a person will make, so make sure you have a professional of real estate law to examine and review things like titles, environmental reports, easements and other important documentation.
Agreements of Purchase and Sale
These written agreements set out the terms and expectations for both the buyer and seller in a real estate transaction. Our real estate lawyers in Sudbury thoroughly draft the language of the agreement to ensure that each party is providing and receiving what they need to transfer the property at closing.
Mortgages; Discharges; Postponements; Extensions; Amendments
When it comes to your home mortgage, life events can require you ease or delay the amount you pay for your home. To get those reductions, you’ll need to provide proof to the lender. Our lawyers provide legal advice to help you in changing the terms of your mortgage to keep you in your home.
For advice from trusted real estate lawyers in Sudbury, contact Desmarais, Keenan LLP today and you will be put in touch with a lawyer who’s qualified in real estate law.
Real Estate Law Members:
  • Douglas R. Arthur
  • J. David Innes
  • Michelle E. McAnulty
  • William Wilkins